March 9, 2011

9. Two

Posted in drivel at 9:57 am by M

Yes, that would be 2 eggs.  Weird, seeing that after 3 weeks of 600 units of FSH I had 1 follicle measuring at 16mm last Friday.  He found a small follicle that contained an egg, hopefully out of these 2 we’ll end up with 1 embryo for transfer on Friday.

I am sore and exhausted and emotional and over it.  Going back into that theatre for epu caused a reaction in me I was not expecting.  Panic?  Sadness?  Fear?  Bit of everything.  The one thing that was SO SO SO different was the knowing that I have a son, at home, waiting for me…  I almost felt a fraud that I could still have such happiness in my life.

Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of the loss of our son & daughter.  Let’s hope that the phone call yields something positive…



  1. Bea said,

    Good luck with the fertilisation/embryo report. And with the healing you were talking about in your last post. I’ll be waiting to see how it turns out.


  2. JessPond said,

    I’m sorry about this anniversary. 😦

    Glad, though for two eggs…hopefully you have some good news with the fert report! Will be thinking of you!

  3. I’m thinking of you and have my fingers crossed for a wonderful phone call.

  4. dawn said,

    ya never know those might be miracle eggs. my fsh is through the roof too and you got a couple years on me 🙂
    lots of hope for those follys
    i share the same hope!

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