March 10, 2011

10. One

Posted in drivel at 10:41 am by M

One embryo.

I’m still gobsmacked, I truly thought with these crappy old eggs we’d yield exactly n0thing.  What we really wanted was a chance, a chance at a 2nd child, a chance at a sibling for the boy.  And the fact that we have this chance is nothing short of amazing.  I’m so very, very grateful.  Let’s hope the damn thing doesn’t collapse before transfer tomorrow morning…

5 years ago today we lost our son & daughter.  Feels like yesterday, feels like forever…



  1. Jamie said,

    Praying, hoping, wishing. I am fully confident that that one embryo has survived so much, it is going to be a winner.


  2. JessPond said,

    Hoping for you and your little embryo-that-could.

  3. My Reality said,

    Hoping for you and your embryo.

    Sending love to you today and remembering with you.

  4. mrs spock said,

    I hope this little embryo is baby #2!

  5. *fingers crossed*

  6. Bea said,

    Five years ago. Sorry you have to live with this anniversary.


  7. dawn said,

    5 years, seems like yesterday when I read all about it on your blog. So sorry about the twins.

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