March 11, 2011

11. Let the crazies begin!

Posted in drivel at 10:58 am by M

Now I’m worried that I have too much invested in this and that I’m going to be devastated when it doesn’t work….

This morning I had one Grade 3 (Grade 4 being the *best*), 6 cell embryo transferred.  Right up until I walked into that room I was feeling rather ambivalent about the whole process, then *whoosh* it all came back.  I really want this.  And this is the one and only chance I’ll ever have to have a 2nd child.  There is no more after this.  There will never be a *surprise* pregnancy, an *oops* baby.  It won’t happen.

I’m obsessing about the embryo.  At day 2 they usually like to see 4 cells, so it’s a little on the quick side.  I’m  not sure if that is good or bad.  Each of my other pregnancies were from Grade 3 embryos, so it definitely can’t be bad.  Of course, I just need to obsess about *something*….




  1. Yo-yo Mama said,

    I have to believe that embryos don’t multiply and divide on an exact time schedule, much like a child doesn’t grown exactly 1/8″ every week. While we use science to get to this point, we are still dealing with human cells, regardless of size.

    I’m really hoping for you on this, M.

  2. mrs spock said,

    Oh man, I am sending every good vibe I can….

  3. JessPond said,

    Very good!!! Very very good!!

    Hoping for you!

  4. My Reality said,

    Fingers crossed.

  5. dawn said,

    fingers and toes crossed

  6. Bea said,

    Crossing things… lots of things… it definitely does sound like good news at this stage to me, but it’s all so unpredictable. I’ll just wait to see how it turns out, I think.


  7. I’m sending lots of babydust your way and keep everything crossed for you xx

    Have you got any updates for us yet?

    Melinda x

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