March 24, 2011

13. No test yet

Posted in drivel at 10:43 am by M

In years gone by, if I was at 15dpo without my period I’d be cautiously optimistic.  This time, not so much.  I know that Crinone can delay my period, I know that Ovidrel could be delaying it.  I know too much, yet not enough.  I still haven’t tested.  I can’t.  I have cramps.

I’m scared that I’m not pregnant.  I’m scared that I am pregnant.  I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared of so so so so much…

All I know is, never again will I ever even have the *hope* that I’m pregnant, so I’m holding on for dear life.



  1. All my fingers are crossed and I’m hear waiting with you. *hug*

  2. dawn said,


  3. sky said,

    What a mindfuck.Holding my breath with you.

  4. lutcass said,

    My goodness, it must be so overwhelming to know it’s a last time.

    Fingers very much crossed.

  5. JessPond said,

    Hoping HARD for you!

  6. Bea said,

    We are all in suspense. Though I am sure you are feeling it most. Wishing and hoping…


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