March 26, 2011

14. Negative

Posted in drivel at 4:20 am by M

Never have I seen a whiter pee stick.  My period is 3 days late (still no sign of it), yet 2 sticks do not lie.  There’s not a hint of a shadow of a line.  It’s over.



  1. Bea said,

    M. M.

    I am so sorry.


  2. JessPond said,

    I’m sorry, really really sorry.

  3. Yo-yo Mama said,


    Not what I was expecting or hoping to read. I almost sent you a message via FB but knew you’d update sooner or later.

    ❤ you.

  4. dawn said,

    crying with you 😦

  5. Lut C. said,

    Oh no. I’m so, so sorry.

    You must be feeling so many things right now. It’s ok, give yourself permission.
    No matter what anyone says, it’s a dream lost and it hurts a lot.

    Thinking of you.

  6. mrs spock said,

    So very sorry 😦

  7. Kymberli said,

    Shit. and *hugs* I’m so very sorry. 😦

  8. Jamie said,

    Holding you in my heart. Much love to you . . .

  9. I don’t have the words but my heart is with you. I’m so sorry.

  10. My Reality said,

    I am so sorry, M. This really fucking sucks.

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